About us

INTROSYS Sp. z o.o. - Authorized Partner and representative in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia of INDUSTRONIC - a leading German manufacturer of Digital Communication Intercom Systems: INTRON-D and INTRON-Dplus for use in industrial and explosion hazard areas Ex (ATEX norms).

The company offers traditional wired monitored communication, public address systems for large areas as well as various mixed systems. Our devices work in extreme environments - from the freezing winds at the offshore drilling platforms to the extreme temperatures at the continuous steel casting lines, in harsh industrial environments, in thick dust of brown coal mines, in the chemical industry, refineries and in the explosion hazard areas Ex.

INDUSTRONIC Intercom Systems provide fast, also wireless, safe and targeted communications in potentially hazardous environments. They are also used as public address equipment with a great coverage. With a wide range of interfaces used, the system easily integrates radio, telephone, warning systems as well as fire and gas alarm systems.

The interface with radio communication system “Tetra”, working among others on Motorola and Funkwerk devices, is one of the recently developed solutions making a true difference in the industry. One of its great features is the possibility to precisely locate an employee at the plant while providing excellent quality of communication and full customisation.

Click here to download a brochure on the latest Industronic Intron-Dplus system. The brochure includes: System overview, key components, networking capabilities and more.
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